Frankie’s Snacks are baked, organic, gluten-free puffs,
made with sprouted grains. Frankie’s isn’t trying to reinvent what you already love, we just want what you love to love you back. Our promise is that what we put in this bag has our grandfather Frankie’s stamp of approval; that’s why we named it after him (and put his picture on the bag.)

Real ingredients, real simple, real good.


White Cheddar Flavor

Craving something light, puffed and deliciously cheesy? We got you covered and these puffs are full of good- for -you ingredients such as sprouted quinoa and brown rice and real white cheddar! Go ahead, indulge!

BBQ Flavor

Big Bold BBQ flavor! Light, airy and perfectly crunchy and every bite bursting with Real BBQ Flavor! It’s okay if you eat the whole bag, it’s also full of good- for- you ingredients such as sprouted quinoa and sprouted brown rice!

Jalapeno Flavor

We keep things hot and spicy for you Jalapeno lovers! These puffs are perfectly seasoned with real Jalapeno and good-for-you sprouted grains!