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Frankie's Organic Snacks

The Vegan Favourites (9 bags)

The Vegan Favourites (9 bags)

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The Vegan Favourites pack is the perfect trio for health-conscious snackers looking for delicious vegan flavours. Made with healthy grains like quinoa and brown rice, these puffs satisfies your cravings and won't leave you feeling guilty.

If you're a fan of spicy snacks, Frankie's Organic Jalapeno Puffs bring the heat with their perfect level of spice and vibrant jalapeno flavour. Prefer a savoury snack? Frankie's Organic BBQ Puffs offer a big, bold taste that's impossible to resist. And for cheese lovers, Frankie's Organic Vegan Cheddar puffs deliver a sharp and cheesy taste.

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